Company Clean Up


No company tries to let their financial details slip from being in perfect order, but it regularly happens over time. Then something triggers the need to share your financial information and that uncomfortable feeling that you aren’t ready to do so. It could be a potential investor and need for financing, or many other common business events. The problem is that work needs to be done quickly on the quality of the financial numbers and often the story behind them.

We get it, CFO One team members have lead companies that have gone through similar situations – funding, financing, mergers, acquisitions, board disputes, legal battles, etc. Many things happen in business that all require the same thing – accurate financials and an ability to explain the details when called upon.

We provide this service to meet and help more businesses, not as a way of generating the largest project fees possible just to move on to the next project. There are three potential steps a company can take to improve the quality and accuracy of their financials.



Get the numbers accurate and ready for sharing as fast as possible. This is always the initial goal, get the financials ready to be reviewed by a third party. If this is all a client wants from CFO then that is the complete scope of work. Most often business leaders want to understand what systems and processes are required to maintain their financials over time, so they don’t have to go through the clean-up fire drill again. In these cases, we work with leaders on Step 2.



Clarify the missing activities required to maintain the financial information more effectively over time. Most often there is a combination of people’s bandwidth, business processes and technology limitations that create the problem. With these issues identified, it is easy to complete the third and final step.



Decide which activities should be done more cost effectively by your internal team versus outsourcing to CFO One. Once the activities and challenges have been identified, it is easy for a business leader to determine the write mix of internal and external team members. CFO One has clients within the entire spectrum of working relationships ranging from providing only ad hoc projects as needed to fully outsourcing all of their bookkeeping, financial advisory and tax accounting activities.


Just some of the reasons why our clients choose CFO One to get financial clarity and efficiency

Consistent & Timely

“CFO One helped with my accountant and internal team to get the financial information I needed quick and consistent enough.”

Business Acumen

“We struggled to find an accountant that could both understand the financial numbers as well as the business.”

Financial Accuracy

“We have more clarity and confidence that we’re focused on the right targets and measuring the right things.”

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